Cafayate Backpackers Hostel

Cordoba 155, Cafayate

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Cafayate Backpackers Hostel


Overview of Hostel

Backpackers Hostel in Cafayate is a place where you can have a fun and relaxing stay at an affordable price.

Backpackers is the place to meet and share stories with other young travellers from Argentina and around the world who also enjoy trekking, cycling, rafting, going out, and anything else

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From the city of Buenos Aires and elsewhere in the country by the following companies:
Aconquija, Almirante Brown, America and Sun Valley, Andesmar, Atahualpa, Mendoza Road, Balut, Chevalier, The Cafayateo, El Indio, El Quebradeo, El Salto, Elio Villa, Flecha Bus, Gemini, The International, The New Star, La Veloz , North, Luis Chavez, Marcos Rueda Mendoza, Merco Bus, Pan American, Rio Pilcomayo, San Miguel, Silvio Fama, CT, Tano, and Tramaca TAS.

From Tucumn: Travel on route 38 and continue to route 307 and 357, finally turn right on route 40 until you reach Cafayate, total kilometers from Tucumn: 234km

From Salta: Travel south on route 68, Cafayate is 183 Km from Salta.

Bus Aconquija is available from Tucumn and El Indio bus company is available from Salta.

Located near

Situated one block from the main street, three blocks from the main square. Two blocks from Flecha Bus (Bus from Salta) terminal and one from Aconquija (Bus from Amaicha-Tafí del Valle-Tucumán). You will sleep in a quiet place.

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