Mundo Mestizo Hostel Córdoba

Bv. Las Heras 326, Cordoba

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Mundo Mestizo Hostel Córdoba


Overview of Hostel

We want to contribute in making your visit to our city, an unforgettable memory. This is why we have designed this new world, paying attention to every need and detail.
We feature private and shared rooms. Breakfast is included. Our service and our comfortable facilities are our trade mark.

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How to get to Mundo Mestizo Hostel from the bus station:

On a Taxi (recommended): 7 minutes approx. (2.8km). Estimated cost 40 ARS (argentinean pesos)

By Car:
Starting point: Bv. Juan Domingo Peron (bus terminal)

1. Drive on Bv. Juan Domingo Peron with northwest direction to San Jeronimo.
2. Keep driving on Bv. Juan Domingo Peron; this will turn into Bv. Guzma. Keep on driving on Bv. Guzman
3. When you reach Sarmiento Street, turn left. Continue on Sarmiento, this street will turn into Humberto Primo. Keep driving on this street.
4. Turn right when you reach Jujuy. Drive through the Antartida Bridge.
5. Turn right when you reach Bv Las Heras, keep driving until you find the 326.

2.9km total. Approximately 36 minutes.

Starting point: Bv. Juan Domingo Peron (bus terminal)

1. Walk till you reach Entre Rios Street. Take this street and walk west with direction to Balcarce street. When you reach Av. Chacabuco, turn right.
2. Keep walking. Turn left at San Jeronimo and walk till you reach Independencia.
3. Turn right at Independencia and walk to Dean Funes.
4. Turn left at Dean Funes and walk till you reach General Paz Avenue.
5. Keep walking straight and cross over Centanario Bridge.
6. Continue on AV. Roque Saenz Pena and turn left on Bv. Las Heras. Keep walking untill you get to the number 326.

On a Bus:

You can take the 84 or 54 bus lines.

How to get to Mundo Mestizo Hostel (Bv. Las Heras 326) from the airport:

On a taxi:

Estimated cost: 200 ARS.
Estimated time: 35 minutes.

On a bus (recommended if you are travelling with little luggage)

The bus line is 55, and you take it inside the Airport. You have to get off at Colon and Canada. Walk on the same direction the bus was driving until you reach Jujuy. You take this street and walk 6 blocks and cross the Antartida Bridge. Turn right to Bv. Las Heras and walk two blocks to Mundo Mestizo Hostel.

Mundo Mestizo Hostel would like to inform you that to use the bus services in Cordoba you have to purchase a ticket card. The price of the card is 20 ARS and you have to put money as credit to pay for the bus ticket. The ticket price is 9.30 ARS. Please remember that buses do not accept cash..

Located near

We are located 500 meters from downtown, opposite Las Heras Park and Suquia River. Staying with us will let you experience the relaxing atmosphere of a quiet neighborhood within a few minutes of downtown, where you can visit the historic area. You will also be able to appreciate the attractive citys gastronomy and its hectic nightlife.

Conditions & Policy

Child Friendly

Please note: Cancellation Policy: 3 days before the arrival Check In: 12.00 am Check Out: 11.00 am Method of Payment upon the arrival: Ask us Breakfast is included. Taxes are included.